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The municipality of Bale is located near Rovinj, Vodnjan, Fažana, Svetvinčenat and Kanfanar. A rich cultural and architectural heritage, cordial people, fantastic nature, interesting stories, and a high-quality offer of Istrian specialities are the biggest assets of this area.

The centre of the municipality is the picturesque small town of Bale, which is proud of its long-standing Istrian tradition and architecture dating back to the time of the Roman Empire. The houses are built in a traditional style to preserve the Istrian rural lifestyle and traditions.

Take a walk along the town’s winding lanes with an ice cream and a camera to hand and visit the Parish Church of St. Julian, the Soardo-Bembo Palace whose Gothic-Renaissance façade captures the attention of all visitors. After the tour of the town, visit a local stancija-tavern and savour the traditional flavours and aromas of Istria. The municipality of Bale is the right place to relax if you want to escape from the hustle and bustle of the city and the hectic lifestyle while remaining only twenty minutes away from Rovinj and just over half an hour from Pula.
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Butterflies – a trademark of the town

It is still a little-known fact that Bale is also known as ‘the municipality of butterflies’, that over time have become its trademark. Did you know that more than 390 species of butterflies live in the area? Many of them are protected by law because they are threatened with extinction. Butterflies are believed to have found refuge here because of the clean and fresh air, beautiful green fields and abundance of sunshine. You can admire their colourful flight during a leisurely stroll in nature or while riding a bike, so don’t forget to bring a camera to capture those extraordinary moments.
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Stancija – a traditional Istrian estate

If your travels take you deep into the interior of the municipality of Bale, in addition to untouched nature, peace and fresh air, you will also discover an example of the Istrian good life: rural estates called stancije that contribute to the preservation of Istrian traditions through the production of olive oil and wine. Far from the urban hustle and bustle and hectic lifestyle, the stancije represent a completely new way of relaxing in a rustic style. Complement your stay there with the divine Istrian flavours of stunning aromas and tastes.
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Dinosaur footprints – step into the distant past

We have always been fascinated and interested in everything related to dinosaurs: from their size and origin to the mystery of why and how they became extinct. We are sure that you already know everything about the beautiful and untouched coast of Bale. However, what is less well-known is that dinosaur bones have been found under the surface of the sea in the bay of Bale. The bones, more than 200 million years old, are the reason why Bale is included in the World List of Palaeontology Sites. What makes this site special lies in the fact that for now it is the only known site in the world where fossilised remains of these reptiles can be found on the seabed. If you want to know what the remains of these unusual creatures look like, then we recommend visiting MMC Ulika Multimedia Centre.
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Flavours and aromas of Bale – olives, wine, cheese and aromatic herbs

Bale has a tradition of olive growing dating back thirty centuries, and the oil obtained from Istrian olives has long been recognised as one of the highest quality olive oils in our region and beyond. Thanks to the fertile soil and favourable climate, the people of Bale can be proud of their indigenous olive varieties, of which Buža is the most famous and widespread. Winners of many awards and much recognition, olive oils from Bale are world-famous and included in international olive oil guides. The people of Bale know that a visit to Istria would not be complete without visiting an olive grove.
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Although local people have traditionally engaged in olive growing, in this area you can also find plantations of typical Istrian Malvazijia and Teran vines. Bale is the perfect place to enjoy good food and wine while the scent of aromatic herbs like sage, immortelle and rosemary waft through the air. Indeed, all you have to do is take a deep breath and enjoy.

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