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Hiking and bike trails along the coast and in the vicinity of Bale

The area around Bale is the perfect choice for activity holidays. Miles of off-road tracks and trails by the sea are waiting for you to explore them on your bike. The best thing is that local roads are not overly busy, so you can freely explore the area’s charming towns and villages, discover traditional farms and taverns, enjoy unspoilt nature, and admire picturesque vistas of endless fields, vineyards and olive groves. If you’re more of a trekking fan, Bale’s surroundings abound in hiking and mountain trails that lead through forests, orchards and ancient villages, past ruins and old church bell towers, and along local wine roads.
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Entrance to the Paleo Park for the entire family

Get to know the interesting world of mysterious dinosaurs through fun and play in the Paleo Park at the Mon Perin campsite near Bale. This amusement and educational park covers an area of 16,000 m2. The only paleo park in Istria, it includes a pool for children and adults, a whirlpool and a hot tub, and a beautiful walking path with life-size dinosaur sculptures that make it an ideal place for parents and children.

Roman amphitheatre in Pula

Pula is world-famous for its Roman amphitheatre, the Arena, which used to host gladiator fights.
Did you know that the Pula amphitheatre is actually the last intact amphitheatre of its kind in the world? The central part of the arena was used for gladiator combats, while spectators sat on the sidelines or in galleries. Nowadays, the Arena regularly hosts concerts and theatrical performances, which are always a special experience here thanks to the special acoustics and fantastic ambience. If you have the opportunity, don’t miss a concert in the Arena, you’ll definitely be delighted!

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Back to the Past, a tour of the old Austro-Hungarian fortifications

The Forno (or Monforno) coastal fortress was built by the Austrian navy between 1898 and 1914 to protect its then main port – Pula. The defensive fort consisted of seven solid construction fortifications, four semi-permanent construction fortifications, and several adjoining buildings such as a barracks and a shelter. Fort Forno is still a very impressive building and a must-visit place, despite its current dilapidated state. It offers a breath-taking view of the numerous coves along the coast of Rovinj and Pula.

Dolphin watching and scuba-diving/snorkelling

Diving in the depths of the sea is much more interesting when you know that in addition to the fantastic underwater flora and fauna, there are also shipwrecks waiting to be explored. The most famous in this area is undoubtedly the wreck of the Austrian passenger ship Baron Gautsch, which sank in 1914 with family members of Austrian officials aboard. Trying to shorten its journey, the ship crossed a minefield, but it ran into a mine and sank in a few minutes. Those who are not much into diving, but love boat rides, will appreciate the evening search for dolphins organised by The Old Diver diving centre.

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Brijuni National Park & golf

Brijuni National Park is a natural oasis of magnificent flora and fauna, which every year attracts an increasing number of tourists from Croatia and abroad. This gorgeous national park consists of as many as 14 islands only a 15-minute boat ride from Pula. With its beautiful and unspoilt landscape, and exotic animals like ostriches, llamas, zebras and elephants, Brijuni is truly a very special place in this region. You can explore Brijuni by a tourist road train and bicycle, experience a safari adventure, and also play a game of golf in this truly special ambience.

Going to the dentist

Make the most of your holiday at Villa Malie and take care of your teeth during your stay. Take advantage of a special discount and brighten up your smile in the Go Dent d.o.o. dental practice. The price includes an antigen test.

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