Villa Malie

Discover the harmony of tranquility in our lavish vacation retreat.

Infinite Comforts, Infinite Memories

Unwind and reconnect in our exclusive luxury villa.

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Soulful Escapes

Discover the harmony of tranquility in our lavish vacation retreat.

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Villa Malie in Bale town

Villa Malie in Bale town

Istria's best-kept secret

Immersed in the green landscape, surrounded by nothing else then quietness that even swallows recognized as their home. What else to wish for?
On summery and tranquil evenings, an outside dining area awaits. Amble around the green surface, smell the natural fragrance of the lavandas and soak your feet in the shallow pool before multi-course meals showcasing the best local produce.

Inspired by our history, surrounded by nature to offer a different experience

All the Essentials for a Cozy place

Those looking for some time away from their screens can take each other on a swing, sip cocktails in the relaxed zone immersed in the green overhearing the sound of birds or some background classical music. Others would just dive in the outdoor swimming pool and let the water take over, whispering “Float, relax, repeat”.

We've crafted our amenities to ensure your experience is seamless from start to finish.

Parking Area

Swimming pool



Alfresco dining

Swimming pool with hydromassage

Playground for children

Multiple terraces

Presenting Indoor
& Facilities

Living Room

The formal living room is the place to be after alfresco dining on the terrace, especially as the services of a talented chef are possible on request.


Four spacious bedrooms range from 22m2 to 29m2 with en-suite bathroom; perfect for maximum comfort and privacy for groups of eight people.

Finish SAUNA

Home therapy to clean the pores, ease the accumulated stress, relax tense muscles and improve lung health. Terminate the sauna treatment with a warm herbal tea under the night sky in the outdoor swimming pool.


Starting the day with good food is the foundation of a genuine happiness and overall well being.

Swimming pool & Hydromassage

While the villa has everything families on the go may need should the weather not be on-side, the property offers an idyllic wellness area.

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One of the most luxury villa in Istria

celebrate your honeymoon,
anniversary, birthday, wedding proposal

Special days are important occasions to celebrate, spend time with the ones you love and create unforgettable experiences.
We can help you plan a flawless getaway that best complements your style both at Villa Malie and in the surrounding area!

Villa Malie will make your honeymoon holidays unforgettable!!
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Places To Visit Near Villa Malie

For those that wish to take a break from the beach, Istria region has a lot to offer in terms of culinary diversity inspired by italian neighbor, fertile land which grants some magnificent olive oils, wines and truffles, and long history of conquerors such as the Franks, Venetians, Hapsnurgs, Italians.

More activities

What can you do in Istria



Boat tour




Enjoy Cocktails


Wine Tasting

Let's create the best memories for you in our Villa

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Let's create the best memories for you in our Villa

Please check our prices here

Balle - Valle

Bale is a small and picturesque town dating from the Roman period boasts a high number of points of interest which one should see. The main point of interest in the preserved old town core is the Sorado –Bembo palace with its recently renovated facade. It is arguably one of the most beautiful old structures in Bale. One should by no means underestimate the beauty of the Parish Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s to St. Elisabeth. 

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Our Recommendations :

Try a Macedonian cousine at the Restaurant Lav or enjoy a Wine tasting at Meneghetti’s Vinery.


Poreč is a picturesque town located on the western coast of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. Known for its rich history dating back to Roman times, the town features well-preserved Roman architecture and is home to the UNESCO-listed Euphrasian Basilica, showcasing stunning Byzantine mosaics. Poreč is a popular tourist destination, offering a charming old town with narrow streets and vibrant cultural events.

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Our Recommendations :

Have a all-day fun with your kids at the Aquapark Acquacolor.

Mon - Perin

The Mon Perin Resort was established by a local association determined to revitalize their depopulated lands. It’s a luxury and sustainable destination on the Adriatic coast, surrounded by nature. The Resort offers entertainment, sports facilities and beachside dining. Additionally, there’s a wellness area and an event hall. Enjoy Mon Perin’s Fresh Market with organic fruits and vegetables, as well as its animal farm.

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Our Recommendations :

Discover the rest of dinosaurs at the Water Paleo Park.


Rovinj is a charmingly picturesque town with narrow, cobbled streets, striking many visitors as being very Italianate in nature. The iconic Church of St. Euphemia, with its towering steeple, dominates the skyline and serves as a symbol of Rovinj. With its rich history, natural beauty, and cultural vibrancy, Rovinj stands as a must-visit destination for those seeking an immersive experience in the heart of Croatia’s Adriatic treasures. 

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Our Recommendations :

Have a romantic dinner at Puntalina or at one-Michelin Star restaurants Monte and Agli Amici .


The Brijuni Islands are a little piece of paradise in Croatia, off the coast of Istria. 14 islands scattered along a few kilometers of the sea, known for their vegetation, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters. Josip Broz Tito, the leader of Yugoslavia, used the Brijuni Islands as his summer residence. He held numerous diplomatic meetings like the Brijuni Conference where leaders from the Non-Aligned Movement gathered. 

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Our Recommendations :

Visit the 9ha Safari Park that hosts Indian elephant Lanka, llamas, zebras, sacred cows, and ostriches.


The city of Pula is one of the oldest Croatian cities on the coast. Inhabited ever since the prehistoric times, Pula became an important Roman colony and port on the Adriatic Sea at the time of the Roman Empire. Until this day, the historical center of Pula houses several Roman buildings, all in perfect condition.

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Our Recommendations :

Stroll through Pula’s Old Town and indulge in Istrian Cuisine.


Hum is a tiny town located in the central part of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia. Considered one of the smallest towns in the world, Hum is known for its charming medieval architecture and historic significance. The town is surrounded by walls and has cobblestone streets, offering a step back in time. Hum is particularly famous for the Glagolitic Alley, a series of stone monuments that represent the Glagolitic script, an ancient Slavic alphabet. 

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Our Recommendations :

Go for a hike to Mount Učka and enjoy the view over the Istrian peninsula and the Bay of Kvarner.


The City of Motovun is located in central Istria, on an elevation that dominates over the valley of the Mirna River. It developed on the site of a prehistoric hillfort. Climbing the hill in Motovun is a great way to explore the historic area and experience the charm of the town.  Motovun is also known for Parenzana, a former railway route popular for biking and hiking. For stunning views, try tandem paragliding with Paragliding Istria.

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Our Recommendations :

Try a Truffle experience at Zigante Restaurant or visit the Kozlović Winery,


Perched on a hill high above the Mirna river valley, Grožnjan is a 14th-century Venetian fortress reborn as the most important arts colony in Istria. Once it was slipping into oblivion, but now Grožnjan is ground zero for Istrian artists and musicians. In May, the streets buzz with summer music academies, artistic workshops, and peace activism sessions led by renowned experts and teachers in music, art, and dram.

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Our Recommendations :

Immerse in some cultural events. Join the excitement!